Glarefoil PLAYFORD Round/Oval His Shiny Black/Green Polarised Lenses Favorite

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You'll love the outdoors even more when you're wearing the Playford by Glarefoil Sunglasses, the polarised lenses cut out 99.9% of reflected glare to make the world around you even clearer.

Glarefoil sunglassesreally are like no other.Glarefoiloffer endless features to protect your eyes at an affordable price. With a range of styles for both men and womenGlarefoil sunglasseshave a pair of sunglasses to cater for everybody.

Not only is glare irritating and causes headaches and wrinkles it also compromises clear vision, hinders your view and tires your eyes.

Eliminate every type of glare wearingPolarised Glarefoil Sunglasses.Whether its glare caused by car headlights, shiny reflections, everyday outdoor conditions, excessive intense light and glare bouncing off surfaces such as water or the snowGlarefoil polarised sunglasseshave you covered.

Do yourself and your eyes a favour, shopGlarefoil sunglassesonline or in store withJust Sunnies.

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